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Ways To Have More Fun on the Golf Course

Ways To Have More Fun on the Golf Course

Golf is a leisurely and rewarding pastime that millions of people across the globe enjoy. It’s hard not to have fun on the course, but after playing the same standard round on the same course countless times, it’s understandable if you become jaded. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to have more fun on the golf course and rekindle your love for the game.

Game Time

There’s more than one way to play golf. Over the years, ardent golfers have come up with a variety of fun and interesting games to play on the course.

Bingo-Bango-Bongo is a game made for groups that gives beginner and expert golfers alike a fair chance of winning. If you prefer to play alone, try games like Best Ball, Worst Ball, and Herman & Sherman.

Challenge Yourself

Do you play golf so frequently you’re basically a pro at this point? The source of your boredom could very well be your expertise. For you, the same thing is no longer a challenge.

The solution is to purposefully make the game harder for yourself. The next time you visit the course, leave some of your clubs (we recommend your 5, 7, and 9) in the car. A limited bag will force you to think more creatively and strategically. Another way to make golf harder is to visit a brand-new course. An unfamiliar layout will put you out of your comfort zone and present new and exciting challenges.

Bring Along Your Buddies

You’d be surprised how much more fun golf can be when you’re playing with others instead of all by yourself. For a change of pace, bring your buddies—your significant other, your kids, your siblings, your parents, your closest friends—along to the course the next time you go. You can play a few rounds in teams, have a nice conversation, and maybe even have a picnic or go grab some food afterward.

Break the Rules

As long as you’re not playing competitively, you don’t have to follow rules. Another way to have more fun on the golf course is to break the rules. If you’re feeling bored on the course, modify the existing USGA rules or cook up a few new rules of your own.

You don’t even need to use a club if you don’t want to. Hit the ball with your foot if you think that would help make your game more fun. The only limit? Your imagination.

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