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Different Responsibilities of Fire Police Officers

Different Responsibilities of Fire Police Officers

Fire departments use a variety of different firefighter roles to ensure the health and safety of the public. Fire police focus on traffic control and safety in different emergencies. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a first responder, it’s helpful to know what’s expected within the job’s various roles. Explore the different responsibilities of fire police officers to determine whether the position suits your interests.

Manage Traffic Control at Emergency Sites

Traffic control is an important task for fire police. Whether there’s a car accident or fire emergency, fire police often arrive first to the scene to maintain traffic control. Using various fire police equipment, fire police will mark the road to help create a smooth flow of vehicles so pedestrians can continue driving.

Fire police use LED batons, cones, caution tape, and other flashy materials to clearly direct cars around and away from emergencies, no matter the type. These actions maintain road safety and also promote firefighter personnel safety.

Aid Missing Persons Searches

Once police departments start a missing person search, they enlist the help of fire police. Fire police officers are helpful because they distinguish searched areas with materials such as tape, lights, and flags. Their presence makes for a more thorough search.

Oversee Crowd Control

Fire police oversee crowds and use more or less the same tools they use to direct vehicle traffic. Officers help ensure that event spaces don’t exceed their capacity. If an emergency attracts an audience, the fire police are the first to secure the scene and maneuver the crowd.

Provide Additional Personnel To Other Authorities

Other authority departments often make up different responsibilities of fire police officers. Fire police mark off potential crime scenes to make them more accessible for local police departments. They may also provide security for these scenes to prevent any interference with investigations.

Event planners also typically correspond with fire police to assist with crowd control and organize the best course of evacuation in case of emergency. After a storm or more severe natural disaster, fire police help mark hazardous areas within their city.

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