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How To Take a Road Trip on Supplemental Oxygen

How To Take a Road Trip on Supplemental Oxygen

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a trip on the road in a car, bus, train, or RV, even on oxygen! We have a great list of helpful tips on how to take a road trip on supplemental oxygen. Read on to plan a stress-free trip.


Well before your trip, run the oxygen unit in and outside your car to troubleshoot any potential issues before the journey begins. Test out your batteries as well, and ensure that they run as long as they should. If any problems arise, contact the provider of your portable oxygen tank, and they’ll help you work through them or give you fresh batteries.

Avoid flames around oxygen while on your trip. No one on the trip should be smoking near your oxygen tanks.

RV or Car Travel

When you plan your route, look into where to get oxygen supplies along the way. In case anything goes wrong, you’ll have information about the nearest contact wherever you’re on the trip. Consider an extra battery for your portable oxygen tank.

Remember to store your tanks upright during travel (perhaps in the back seat) and keeping them secured. Keep the oxygen tanks out of direct sunlight as much as possible. It’s a good idea to have one of your windows cracked throughout the drive, so oxygen doesn’t build up in the vehicle. Avoid placing the tanks in the trunk, as dangers can arise from a rear-end collision.

Bus or Train Travel

First, get clearance from your physician to travel and take your prescription with you to provide proper documentation on the train or bus. Check with the bus or train line to learn their policies about traveling with oxygen. When the time comes to book your seat, try to stay close to accessible power outlets.

Investing in a portable oxygen concentrator makes all this possible and improves your quality of life in a number of other ways, too. Now that you know how to take a road trip on supplemental oxygen, enjoy the journey and the destination, and breathe easy on the way.

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