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Worth Every Penny: Ways To Reduce Dump Truck Fleet Costs

Worth Every Penny: Ways To Reduce Dump Truck Fleet Costs

When it comes to owning your own dump truck fleet, it’s only natural that you’ll accrue several expenses just to keep things up and running. But often, individuals end up spending more than they need to—without even knowing it. In fact, even what you spend on gas per delivery can go up with little warning. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to mitigate these charges. Here are a few ways to reduce dump truck fleet costs without making any major changes to your business operations.

Choose the Right Truck Tires

Tires are one of the largest expenses business owners deal with when keeping their fleet in top condition. Not only are these products normally expensive, but they also wear down quickly due to the advanced weights they carry. So, you end up paying to replace them more often than you probably should. But by choosing the right type of tires for your truck’s specific design, you can cut down on the deterioration they experience and extend the time between replacements.

Keep Up With Operator Training

It’s also important that you train your dump truck operators—and keep them trained—if you want to decrease your average fleet costs. Proper training ensures that your drivers know exactly how to operate these machines and decreases the risk of their making a mistake that could damage them. Likewise, giving operators follow-up training as updates emerge keeps them informed about new standards. This way, they’ll be in a better position to avoid unnecessary damage.

Protect Your Dump Truck Bed

Another noteworthy way to reduce dump truck fleet costs is to ensure that you always protect your dump truck beds. These areas sustain the most damage from deliveries and, therefore, tend to require the most maintenance work over time. Abrasive materials like rock and concrete are especially detrimental to your wallet, as they’re responsible for the most dents and tears in your truck’s metal frame. So, knowing how to properly protect your truck from these materials will be the key to keeping your repair expenses down.

Reduce Idle Time

Doing what you can to cut back on the amount of time your trucks sit idle can help as well. Idly running your trucks both wastes gas and makes your equipment more prone to developing engine troubles down the line. For this reason, finding ways to maximize efficiency during deliveries and keep your trucks running less can significantly impact your company wallet.

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