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Motorcycle Equipment You Didn’t Know You Needed

Motorcycle Equipment You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you probably already have all the equipment you need to go riding in any capacity you see fit. However, just because you have the necessities doesn’t mean that you’re not missing out on other things that might make your life easier. For the motorcyclist who wants to up their game, here’s the motorcycle equipment you didn’t know you needed.

Riding Gloves

When buying their biking necessities, many people tend to forget to purchase riding gloves. They obviously aren’t as vital as a leather jacket or a helmet in terms of protection, but they do offer some defense in the unfortunate case of an accident.

If you want to up the protection they provide, look into armored riding gloves as your go-to pair. They shield your hands in a variety of ways, so they outclass most other gloves on the market.

Tire Pressure Monitor

Keeping a solid tire pressure is always important, but it’s even more crucial for motorcyclists. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to forget to check your tires’ pressure regularly, so having a device such as a tire pressure monitor is super convenient. It uses Bluetooth to ping your phone whenever the level drops too low.

Adjustable Cup Holder

Motorcycles certainly aren’t known for their accessibility features. If you want to bring anything with you, you’ve got to pack it away in a place that won’t be easy to get to. While that isn’t a huge issue, it is if you like to stay hydrated on a long ride. That’s why it’s good to find an adjustable cup holder that you can attach to the side of your bike for easy access.

Shift Boot Protector

The shifter on a motorcycle is notorious for tearing up a rider’s boots. While most people either deal with it or find a less damaging alternative, both options can be pricey in the end. Buying a shift boot protector, on the other hand, is not. The whole idea of this product is to add an extra layer of leather between your boot and the shifter. That way, you don’t need to worry about buying a new pair every month.

Ear Plugs

If you ride often, you’ve likely already started experiencing some of the adverse hearing effects from it. If you want to avoid making the problem worse, look into a good brand of earplugs. There are some really nice ones out there that are reusable and allow users to hear things around them more clearly, just at a lower decibel.

Portable Bike Garage

Despite the name, you can’t bring this final piece of motorcycle equipment you didn’t know you needed along with you on your bike. Even though it’s not that portable, you can easily break down these bike garages and move them anywhere you need. It will save you a lot of garage space while keeping your motorcycle in a safe and secure location.

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