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The Essential Clothing Items for a Rodeo

The Essential Clothing Items for a Rodeo

When you go to your first rodeo, wearing the right clothes is part of the fun. Before you leave the house to watch your first rodeo, plan out the perfect outfit, complete with fitting footwear and accessories. Check out the essential clothing items for a rodeo!

Picking the Top

Men and women wear different clothes to the rodeo. While some women wear dresses, others prefer plain t-shirts or crop tops. Most of the time, men go to the rodeo in button-downs or t-shirts. Another option that’s open to everyone is a flannel top. Some women tie it off for a makeshift crop top or leave it unbuttoned and wear a t-shirt underneath.

If you’re looking for the best top, go with anything that’s denim. Wear a denim button-down or dress for the perfect look. But if you don’t own denim, a fringe piece is the next best thing to wear to the rodeo.

Picking the Pants

Now you need to find the perfect bottoms to wear to the rodeo. Plenty of attendees wear jeans, and these can be any style, from cut-offs to boot-cut! Regular rodeo-goers recommend you wear your favorite pair of skinny jeans to look super stylish. But some women opt for denim mini-skirts, specifically when it’s hot outside.

Picking the Footwear

As far as footwear goes, cowboy boots are the way to go. When you attend your first rodeo, you may need to buy some. But before you make the purchase, make sure you know how to choose the right pair. Cowboy boots aren’t cheap, but you can make the right fashion investment with a few tips, such as considering fit and where you’ll wear them.

Other Necessities

You can’t have a list of all the essential clothing items for a rodeo without mentioning some necessary accessories. Remember, denim is a must-wear when you go to the rodeo. It could be in the form of a dress, a pair of jeans, or a casual jacket! Two common accessories for everyone to take note of are:

  • A hat: Many wear the typical cowboy hat, but some men wear trucker hats.
  • A belt: Look for a leather belt with an accent buckle that shows off your style.

Some additional accessories to consider wearing are statement jewelry pieces and neck scarves. Most women wear a statement necklace or bracelet when they go to the rodeo, and men wear a neck scarf. The accessories you choose are up to you, so decide on what best accents your outfit. And once you assemble the perfect Western look, it’s time to watch the rodeo!

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