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Tips for Maintaining Your Industrial Robots

Tips for Maintaining Your Industrial Robots

When an industrial robot runs smoothly, everything else also goes efficiently and productively. However, when there’s a glitch in a robot, the entire productivity system slows or even comes to a halt. Follow our tips for maintaining your industrial robots for continual and efficient production and manufacturing.

Regular Maintenance

A common concern is wondering how often maintenance is necessary for industrial robotics. The answer depends on the level of maintenance.

Robotic systems come with their own specific requirements for maintenance, including how many hours a robot can run before maintenance is required. Some need daily checks before and after use, while others require a maintenance check only once a year.

Refer to the manufacturer’s specs when determining what regular maintenance means for a specific robot.

Monitor Motion

Monitoring the motion of a robot as it does its job is essential in seeing how it’s performing. Motion monitoring should take place often. Many robotics involve other components, such as ball screws for motion control. If so, take care of the ball screw properly to maintain its life and to keep the robot moving and rotating smoothly.

Joints and Bolts

Joints and bolts also play an important role in the motion control of a robot. You should keep the joints clean and well lubricated. Check the bolts regularly and make sure they’re tightened and not stripped.

Clean Machinery

Everything runs better when it’s clean. Keep all robots clean, as well as the area they work in. Use an air compressor to remove dust and debris from the robots’ nooks and crannies. Wipe the robots with a damp rag and some rubbing alcohol if needed. (Rubbing alcohol cleans well and evaporates quickly.)

As we mentioned, robotics has improved manufacturing, making it quicker and streamlined, as well as making it easier to maintain quality control. Follow our tips for maintaining your industrial robots for an efficient and productive manufacturing facility.

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