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Different Types of Torque Wrenches on the Market

Different Types of Torque Wrenches on the Market

Today’s tools have a wide range of uses and applications in our modern world. The chief purpose of these fundamental instruments is to either put things together or take them apart. Whether you work in conventional operations or industrial production and repair, your toolbox isn’t complete without a quality torque wrench.

Unlike typical open-end wrenches, torque wrenches are crucial for tightening nuts, bolts, and screws to specific measurements. These modification tools provide integral security and safety assurance. In the wide world of torque measuring instruments, you have plenty of versatile options to select from. Read through this general guide on the different types of torque wrenches on the market. No two are exactly alike.

Beam Torque Wrenches

For the automobile enthusiasts of the world, a beam-style torque wrench is a must-have. Users can easily follow torque guidelines from vehicle manufacturers and apply a precise tightness level. This type of torque wrench makes fastening nuts and bolts during parts assembly simple. Beam torque wrenches use a calibrated scale for extreme precision at the tip of the tool. The design provides a lever-like handle that exerts preselected pressure at the calibrated end.

Slip Torque Wrenches

Slip-style torque wrenches also function as their name implies; they automatically slip off fasteners when users reach the defined torque. Users don’t need to worry about overtightening beyond the original design limits. As a more durable beam-style tool, these wrenches are ideal for small everyday jobs or commercial environments.

Click Torque Wrenches

Out of the different types of torque wrenches on the market, the click style is most widespread. These popular wrenches are affordable and accurate for any skill level or general application. Click torque wrenches get their name from the audible “click” they emit when users reach the desired torque level. Keep in mind that they don’t prevent or limit over-tightening, though.

Digital Torque Wrenches

Electronic torque wrenches offer users a digital platform, providing advantages over mechanical alternatives. An LED screen displays current torque levels, and users can increase and decrease the torque using handy button features. Programmable presets or memory settings are ideal for tech-savvy users. Sound and physical alerts are additional features from the presence of responsive sensors.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Last but not least, hydraulic torque wrenches take the prize for highly specialized power. Industrial suppliers carry these torque tools for large nuts and bolts that require above-average torque. Due to their heavy-duty nature, users must consider several factors before selecting a hydraulic tightening tool. Manufacturers usually use these reimagined wrenches for quality assurance. Be sure to browse around to ensure you’re purchasing a torque wrench that’s fitting for your tasks and applications.

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