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Common Problems for Newer Final Drive Motors

Common Problems for Newer Final Drive Motors

Whenever you’re starting a new construction project, using an excavator will speed the process along. A final drive motor helps heavy machinery reach its full potential, but things don’t always go smoothly. Understanding the common problems for newer final drive motors will enable you to prevent or handle any matter that may rear its ugly head.


One of the most common and undeniable problems that can happen with a final drive motor is contamination. With everyday use of the machine, rubble and dust can create significant headaches for operators. Hydraulic filters do their best to limit these concerns, but debris can still cause severe damage.

Hydraulic fluid complications are other factors that need constant monitoring. Particles so small that the naked eye can’t see them may wreak havoc on a motor, which can lead to more extensive damage. The best ways to prevent contaminated fluid are to store it, keep the lid appropriately sealed, use clean containers, and spend money on high-quality products in the first place.


Feeling a vibration when operating a motor vehicle can bring out anyone’s anxiety. The options for what could be wrong are endless, so narrowing down the potential cause is crucial. Luckily, something as minor as a loose sprocket may be the reason for the vibrating sensation. If you sense a vibration out of the norm, handle it right away by checking your motor. If you let the vibration go unchecked, you could wear out your final drive, shortening its life span.

Power Loss

A final drive has two power sources that operate each side of the heavy machinery. One of those sides may lose power, making the machine difficult to handle because it will drift all over the place.

Losing control on one side is aggravating, but losing absolute power brings more headaches. A variety of issues may cause a power outage, such as a weak charge pump or a lousy swivel joint.

Knowing the common problems for newer final drive motors will educate you on potential mishaps that may happen while you’re operating it for the first few times. If you must remember just one tip: prevent contamination at all costs. Being vigilant about shielding your motor from harmful substances will prevent most of these common problems.

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