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Best Tips for Safely Handling Formaldehyde

Best Tips for Safely Handling Formaldehyde

Whenever you are working with dangerous chemicals, you must take the appropriate precautions to guarantee safety. Formaldehyde is a standard gas around warehouses, factories, and other workshops that may harm you if it makes its presence felt. Therefore, you need to know the best tips for safely handling formaldehyde.

General Tips


It’s generally in your best interest to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling materials like formaldehyde. If you plan to use that PPE again, it needs a deep clean before you even consider wearing it. You must also examine your equipment thoroughly to ensure that it’s not contaminated.

Pinpoint Risks

There are several ways that formaldehyde adds benefits, but there are some risks. A potent aroma is the easiest to recognize based on the smell alone, accompanied by eye irritation. Another way to locate some risks is the warning labels. If a product’s levels are higher than 0.5 ppm, a caution sticker will alert you to handle the substance with care.


Any employees that work around formaldehyde require additional training. The beginning of your training starts on the first day of employment and subsequently every year after that. The only reason for further education is a new exposure to formaldehyde in the work zone.



Using formaldehyde around an open flame is a big no-no. It is a tremendously flammable substance, so avoid any area with formaldehyde if you are performing any activity that has to do with fire. If there is a fire, your best bet is to let it burn out, but extinguishing it with carbon dioxide or powder is another option.


A small leak or spill of formaldehyde is a problematic issue requiring an instant reaction. While wearing the proper PPE, well-trained staff can handle the cleanup of a leak or spill.


Ventilation is the most crucial aspect if you want to prevent severe blasts. Consider its combustibility, ensure that any electrical equipment nearby formaldehyde won’t cause an explosion.


Skin Contact

If formaldehyde touches your skin, you must remove that clothing and immediately shower. Fifteen minutes is the general timeframe for your cleansing shower.

Eye Contact

Every location that has hazardous materials like formaldehyde must have an eyewash station. Similar to the shower, you must clean your eyes for fifteen minutes.


The key to combating the most common symptoms of digesting formaldehyde is drinking water or milk to dilute it. Additionally, a good practice to follow is to rest and keep warm. If the problems worsen, immediately seek medical attention.

It’s always a better idea to be safe than sorry. Therefore, following the best tips for safely handling formaldehyde will keep you and your colleagues safe from any potential exposure.

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