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Tips for Keeping Your Community Park Clean and Safe

Tips for Keeping Your Community Park Clean and Safe

A clean and safe park is where everyone can go for fresh air, exercise, fun, and relaxation. Follow our tips for keeping your community park clean and safe. By doing so, you’ll have a place that people continuously use for leisure activities and gatherings.

Clean Up the Trash

Organize volunteers in the community to have regular trash cleanup times at the park. Even when members of the community are careful, trash still makes its way into the park. It blows out of bins and accidentally gets away from people occasionally.

Use the trash cans available and bring large, sturdy garbage bags for trash collection. Then, walk around every area looking for trash. Pay special attention to places near picnic areas.

Inspect the Playground

Community parks often have playgrounds for the kids to enjoy. Safety and cleanliness are a must on the playground. So regularly check equipment and hardware for loose or worn-out pieces. Inspect slides and swings for cracks and chains and bars for rust.

Freshen up playground equipment with paint when needed. Use bright colors so that kids want to run and play when they see the playground.

Create Seating

Playgrounds benefit from benches for parents to sit on while kids play. Other areas of the park need seating as well. Benches that stand along walking paths are perfect for people to stop and rest. If there are scenic areas, you should place seats in them for people to enjoy as well.

Trim the Landscaping

Keep landscaping trim so that the park looks inviting. Overgrown shrubs and flowers surrounded by weeds make the park look unkempt and even dangerous. A regular lawn service or group of volunteers is necessary to keep up with a park’s landscaping needs.

Plant Trees

What better place to plant trees than a community park? Trees give us better air to breathe and shade from the sun. Moreover, they look beautiful. Use special days like earth day and arbor day to encourage the community to come out and help plant trees.

Raise Money

One way residents can help keep the community park safe and clean is to donate toward park projects. Organize fundraisers so that it’s always possible to keep up with all the park’s needs. Here are a few fundraiser ideas:

  • Ask the community to bring baked goods in for a bake sale.
  • Organize a run or walk for per-mile donations.
  • Try a mailing campaign asking for help.
  • Ask local restaurants to serve at a drive-through dinner at the park to raise funds.

Every community is different. Raise money for the park using the methods that best suit your demographic.

Get everyone involved by using our tips for keeping your community park clean and safe. Parks are priceless places away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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