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What To Know Before Buying New Lab Equipment

What To Know Before Buying New Lab Equipment

Buying new equipment for your laboratory can be a long process of researching, saving, and choosing what’s best to invest in. It can also be an expensive process, so understanding what to know before buying new lab equipment is important to making the right financial choice, too. Whether you’re shopping for a professional laboratory or a university setting, keep these considerations in mind.

Equipment Quality

Make sure to thoroughly investigate the equipment quality before purchasing. If you’re shopping online, you can request images from the seller or manufacturer if the ones provided or their description of the product are not clear. If you’re shopping in a physical store, make sure to note the condition of the product, its measurements, its efficiency, and any other pertinent information for your lab.

Equipment Maintenance

Another thing to consider when you’re buying lab equipment is the tool’s maintenance needs. Some equipment must be regularly assessed or calibrated; some require unique cleaning methods; and all of them need regular inspections. Inspecting your lab equipment will maintain its quality by monitoring for damage and checking its accuracy. Make sure your laboratory staff has the manpower and training to be able to conduct equipment monitoring and maintenance procedures.

Equipment Cost

Though you’re looking for “new” laboratory equipment to add to your workspace, it doesn’t have to be brand new. You can find used pieces of lab equipment that’s still in great condition at a fraction of the cost of new ones. This can save your laboratory tons of money and stretch your budget so that you can still acquire the equipment you need without all the cost.

Now that you’re armed with what to know before buying new lab equipment, you’re ready to take another look at the market and make your decision. You’ll be able to save your lab budget and get only the best equipment for your laboratory.

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