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Why Are Military Uniform Inspections Important?

Why Are Military Uniform Inspections Important?

Many civilians outside of the military may or may not realize the importance of military uniforms. If you fall into the category of those who do not understand, then let this be a guide to help you discover what you previously did not know. Insight as to why military uniform inspections are important will allow you to see into the eyes of service members and realize what they stand for.

Being Squared Away

Military uniform inspections are generally held quarterly, as there are as many uniforms as there are seasons. This allows higher-ranking officials to keep track of their subordinates, maintaining appropriate military bearing.

This means that the standard that is required of the service member must show through their hygiene and uniform. How they keep the uniform maintained, through dry cleaning practices, having the appropriate rate and ranking sewn or patched on, and having sharp-looking ribbons and medals that are untattered and untarnished are all expectations that go along with the inspections. This is to ensure that the service member is abiding by their military training and keeping to military code, as this is the standard throughout, regardless of rank.

Establishes a Unit

Because everyone undergoes uniform inspections both periodically and randomly, it is important to note that the pride and honor that comes with wearing the uniform helps to establish the member as a part of a unit or community that they are now assigned to. Whatever division, group, or unit they are attached to are the people that they serve with every day, and they are not just there for themselves but also to help their brother and sister counterparts get the job done as effectively as possible. This establishes unit cohesiveness.

Symbolism and Meaning

Every patch, ribbon, medal, pin, or button that is on a uniform tells a story about where that service member has been and what they have done while on duty. This is literally the story of who the individual is, almost like having a resume that you wear everywhere you go.

From one service member to another, you can look at their uniform and tell just exactly how driven and inspired they are to carry on their duty to their country. Without this, the uniform would disgrace the individual, the unit, the branch of service they were a part of, and the entire military, so there is a decent amount of pressure to always be at your very best.

The reason why military uniform inspections are so important is because they allow the individual to realize just how needed and important they are to the mission and the people that they serve with. Without the efforts and commitments of each individual member and their ability to carry on honorably day after day, there would be no military. Therefore, such traditions and ways of life are carried on throughout all branches of military service today.

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