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The Best Places for Socially Distanced Field Trips

The Best Places for Socially Distanced Field Trips

As schools clamor to get back into session this year, we’re left scratching our heads, figuring out what the students can do to immerse themselves into the world. Even if school administrations have field trips on the backburner, it doesn’t hurt to try and plan for trips in the future. If this pandemic can teach us anything, we need to plan now to get an idea of the best places for socially distanced field trips.

The Zoo or a Wildlife Refuge

Nothing says social distancing more than a zoo or wildlife refuge. Since COVID-19 can circulate indoors, getting the kids outside can help bypass this concern. There are many exhibits and animals to look at— and some from afar—which can help split up students better and maintain social distancing protocols.

In order to promote social distancing within your classroom while on the field trip, split your students into groups of two to three. This way, they can move around better when they’re outside and not worry about being in a crowded area.

Going on a Hike in the Park

It’s essential for children to be outside; it improves their health and wellbeing—and it’s more essential now than ever before. Take them on a hike through the park to help nurture their minds so they can gravitate towards developing essential life milestones and skills. If you can’t go to a national park, the park or nearby playground is a great substitute.

Being at the park can help promote play and increase a child’s awareness of their senses. They can build their sensations by learning to differentiate between smells, smooth and hard surfaces, and different wild animals.

Taking a Trip To a Farm

Many children who grew up pre-COVID19 loved going to farms for field trips. It’s still a great idea now; you simply have to go about it more carefully. There’s so much to do on farms, from picking pumpkins and learning about farm animals. Children are free to explore their surroundings, and a trip to a farm can allow for plenty of social distancing.

Social distancing can easily be handled in groups of three to four and can help split groups up. For example, one group can go to an orchard to look at fruit trees, and another can go to a barn to watch a cow get milked and a farmer collecting eggs from a chicken coop.

Step Back in Time in a Historic Town

Depending on the size of the town, divvying up students can be a little challenging. However, it’s possible as long as you have small groups (four to five kids each.) When they’re in a historical town, children get the opportunity to learn about local and national history. This type of field trip is best suited for grades 6th through twelfth grade.

Our list of the best places for socially distanced field trips helps you plan out the best options accordingly. When you use this list, you’ll have plenty of exciting opportunities to get students involved and nurture their knowledge of the world.

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