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Different Professions in the Auto Industry

Different Professions in the Auto Industry

There are many hobbies and interests for everyone. Moreover, people recommend turning those hobbies into a job you’ll love, if possible. For those who enjoy cars, trucks, and other automobiles, why not consider a profession in the auto industry? This doesn’t limit you to sales or car washes either. There are many different professions in the auto industry to consider. Learn more below.


A mechanic profession is perhaps the most common trade job in the automotive industry. Mechanics service and maintain vehicles. They’re primarily responsible for diagnostic testing, mechanical repairs, and routine maintenance. While traditionally, mechanics performed their own diagnostics, they use computers to relay intricate field tests on any vehicle issues and necessary repairs today. The nature of mechanic work means that they must ensure the vehicle is safe for the owner when returned. Although people sometimes call them “auto technicians,” mechanics may differ in that they don’t work primarily with internal electronics and instead conduct more hands-on repairs.

Car Detailer

There are many myths about car detailing that people believe. Still, it’s one of the top jobs in the auto industry today. After all, detailers are responsible for the cleanliness of a car’s interior and exterior. They clean, vacuum, wax, polish, and touch up the car regularly. They may steam and deodorize the carpets, buff paint surfaces, apply protective finishes, and shine the wheels. Ultimately, while it may not seem like a huge priority, no one wants to drive a new car that looks like junk. That’s where car detailing comes in handy, along with the professionals who make it happen.


Anyone interested in the customer-relations part of the industry may want to be a salesperson. A sales job is another one of the different professions in the auto industry that’s incredibly common today. However, it requires lots of work and dedication. They must know the different makes and models of the vehicles along with their specific trims, powertrains, drivetrains, fuel economy levels, and other important specs and details. Customers look to salespeople for information to find a suitable car for them at a reasonable price. Salespeople must be calm, patient, and persuasive to sell cars off their lots.

Auto Designer

Finally, auto designers develop the appearance of a car’s interior and exterior. Typically, they possess a strong background in art, engineering, and business, which lets them create vehicles people want to drive. Also, auto designers must think about the mechanical, electrical, and technical aspects of these vehicles. Comfort is another factor they must consider. Automobiles need to possess beautiful aesthetics, aerodynamics, functionality, and affordability to appease consumers.

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