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The Most Common Metals That Conduct Electricity

The Most Common Metals That Conduct Electricity

Whether they realize it or not, people use conductive metals all the time. To transfer electricity into a machine or electrical device, you need to use a conductive metal. Some conductive metals, such as gold and platinum, can be highly expensive. Instead of spending a fortune on gold wiring, companies use other metals, such as copper or aluminum. Here are some of the most common metals that conduct electricity.


Copper is not only inexpensive, but it’s also an effective conductor. In fact, this is the most popular conductive metal for many industries. Businesses that design household appliances use copper wiring since this metal is safe, inexpensive, and effective. This metal is also strong and flexible, so it is easy to mold into specific shapes for wires. Other machines and devices that often use copper wiring are generators, transformers, motors, televisions, phones, and computers. Also, you can use this metal for electrical switches, conductors, and transformers.


Aluminum is also a very popular conductor for businesses. While it does not conduct electricity as well as copper, it is cheaper and still effective. It’s also much lighter than copper and many other metals, so it is perfect for power cables. People often use this metal for power lines, electrical power cables, motors, and household appliances. The technology industry is also using aluminum more for its electrical properties and low weight. So you can find it in televisions, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.


Zinc is one of the most useful metals for high temperatures, and it is also an excellent conductor. Businesses often use this metal in place of copper or silver. Many industrial companies use zinc for electrical wiring, traffic equipment, poles, and towers. In addition to conducting electricity, companies use zinc to galvanize other metals. Galvanization prevents metals from rusting, so it helps reduce corrosion.


Even though silver is one of the best conductors of electricity, companies don’t use it very often due to its high price. Businesses would rather use copper or aluminum wiring instead of silver since both those materials are cheaper and almost as effective as silver. You can find silver in some circuit boards and electrical components, but it’s not as common as copper or other metals. After all, most companies don’t want to spend a fortune using silver conductors when they could easily purchase aluminum without breaking the bank.


Many appliances, such as toasters and grills, use nickel because this metal conducts heat and electricity. You’ll often find this metal in the heating coils of electronic appliances. A few other items that use nickel are clothing irons, electric blankets, and hotplates. Additionally, businesses use nickel in mobile phone electrical connections, batteries, and capacitors.

These are some of the most common metals that conduct electricity. To recap, some of the best metals for conducting electricity are copper, aluminum, zinc, silver, and nickel. When businesses require wiring for machines, buildings, and appliances, they will choose one of the metals above to conduct electricity safely and effectively.

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