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Why a Trench Drain Is the Best Way To Protect Your Yard

Why a Trench Drain Is the Best Way To Protect Your Yard

Our yards need water, but too much of a good thing is damaging. Excess surface water from precipitation and watering that doesn’t drain properly causes problems with the soil and erodes or kills shrubs and flowers. This article will discuss why a trench drain is the best way to protect your yard. Proper drainage leads to a beautiful property.

What Is a Trench Drain?

A trench drain is an elongated concrete channel placed below the surface, then covered with a grate. Its purpose is to direct water flow away from a specific area. You’ll often see them in your neighborhood near a driveway or other area to protect the yard and home from excess surface water damage.

Excess Surface Water Damage

Let’s look more specifically at the damage excess surface water can cause when not drained properly from a yard:

  • Eroded soil
  • Eroded landscaping
  • Compacted soil
  • Unhealthy vegetation
  • Unhealthy trees
  • Dead grass
  • Pooled water
  • Mosquitos
  • Soggy yard
  • Foul odors

Beyond the yard, excess water causes cracks in the foundation and, eventually, water or flooding in the home.

Choosing a Trench Drain

There are two types of trench drains: precast and cast-in-place. Let’s look at the differences.

Precast Trench Drain

A precast trench drain is ready to install when it arrives, as manufacturers create it offsite. Installation by a professional is simple, requiring fewer steps than cast in place. The manufacturing process fully cures the trench drain, and it’s an excellent choice for draining your yard quickly.

Cast-in-Place Trench Drain

A cast-in-place trench drain is also an excellent option for draining water from your yard. They require more steps than a precast because the concrete is poured onsite, not premanufactured. The cast-in-place trench drain must cure after forming, which means climate plays a role. It also means the trench drain isn’t ready for immediate use.

As you can see, whether cast-in-place or precast, a trench drain is the best way to protect your yard. You can trust concrete to last for years and for excess water to disappear, leaving you with a beautifully landscaped yard.

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