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4 Helpful Tips for Setting Up a Homeschool Area

4 Helpful Tips for Setting Up a Homeschool Area

Parents choose to homeschool their children for many reasons, such as having a flexible schedule and a positive learning environment, which can really benefit children with learning disabilities.

Homeschooling your child requires dedication from the parents—but not only during school hours. You’ll need to prepare a curriculum, find resources, determine a schedule, and create a classroom in your home. The latter might seem easy, but there are some elements to consider.

Check out these tips for setting up a homeschool area in your home that is comfortable and encourages learning!


Remember, this is your home and not a school. Wherever you’re creating a learning area in your home, it doesn’t have to look like a classroom unless you’d like for it to mimic a traditional schoolroom. Otherwise, you really only need the basics, like a desk or table, comfortable seating, and storage

Work Surface

Dedicate a table or desk where your kid will have plenty of room to spread out and leave their things until the next school day. If you’re using a shared space, like a kitchen or dining room table, you’ll need to provide storage. That way, your student can clean up their books and supplies when the school day is over but still keep everything nearby for the next morning.


Keeping supplies organized near the homeschool area can help your child stay productive and not get distracted if they need to grab a book, for example. Even if you use the kitchen as your learning space, you can still organize and store their school supplies nearby. A storage cart with wheels is useful because you can store it in a nearby closet if you need the extra room for family dinners.


Give them a comfy chair! Ergonomic seating will help keep your child from becoming fidgety, and it’s just better for their spine health. Make sure the lighting is adequate but not overly bright, and you should also remove any distractions from the room, like a TV, computer (when not used for schoolwork), or any extra clutter.

As you begin your homeschool journey, keep these tips on setting up a homeschool area in mind to make the school days more productive!

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