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The Vital Role of Aeration in Water Treatment

The Vital Role of Aeration in Water Treatment

We don’t spend much time thinking about the journey the water in our taps went through to get to us. But did you know that the tool we use to make fountains dance and fling snow for snowboarding competitions plays a part in how we recycle our water? The vital role of aeration in water treatment is to clean the water by introducing moving oxygen to the system.

The First Step

When it comes to treating drinking water, water aeration is often the first step of the process. Once a large-scale treatment facility collects the water, aeration takes place to expel soluble gases. Only after the water has air does it undergo the chemical-reliant aspects of the treatment process and eventual filtering.

There are different methods of water aeration used across the market. Water treatment facilities specifically rely on surface aeration at the beginning of the process.

How Oxygen Cleans

The oxygen pushed into the water brings undissolved gases and compounds to the surface and out of the water. The aeration process can also play a role in removing methane. In turn, this impacts how the water smells and tastes.

In wastewater treatment, aeration occurs early on to promote bacterial growth that breaks down waste products. Without added oxygen in the system, the bacteria can’t biodegrade organic matter at a sustainable pace by any means.

Improving Overall Safety

The most immediate role of aeration in water treatment is to ensure our drinking water smells and tastes great. Removing soluble compounds takes out carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide to make water less corrosive and, in turn, safer to drink.

When it comes to wastewater treatment, aeration is truly a vital process. If we allowed our waste to sit without oxygenation, the trapped bacteria would quickly lead to decay. Without aeration, the nearby area wouldn’t just smell terrible, but the waste would become toxic.

Aeration is among many of the unsung heroes of our daily lives. This tool allows us to enjoy clean water and cleaner communities as well!

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