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Common Home Bathroom Problems To Watch Out For

Common Home Bathroom Problems To Watch Out For

Many bathroom problems may seem to be no more than minor inconveniences, but if they’re allowed to continue, they can quickly lead to more issues down the line. We’ve made a list of some common home bathroom problems to watch out for.

Clogged Drains & Toilets

Clogged toilets and slow drains are a hassle. Something in the drain is likely blocking the flow of water, so a plunger should be your first go-to when trying to fix the problem. If a plunger doesn’t work, call a plumber instead of buying drain cleaners. Drain cleaners will clear the clog, but they’ll also deteriorate your pipes, and that will lead to significant issues in the future.

Low Water Pressure

It’s hard to take a shower when there’s low water pressure—and it’s even harder to figure out where the problem is coming from. Low water pressure might be telling you there’s an issue in one specific pipe, or it could mean there’s a problem in the water main itself. Call a professional and have them locate the source of the issue to be sure.

Leaky Faucet

You’d be surprised how much water a leaky faucet wastes. One drip per second can end up costing you 3,000 gallons in a year, so it’s essential to have leaky faucets serviced quickly. If you have the tools, you can replace the faucet’s damaged washer yourself, but most people find it easier to call a plumber and have them take a look.

Hard Water

Hard water—isn’t that just ice? Not quite. Hard water has a higher concentration of calcium and magnesium, and more minerals means harder water. Hard water causes mineral stains and low water pressure, while soft water gives you softer skin and more vibrant hair. Actually, there are a number of differences between hard water and soft water; by figuring out how to identify both, you can avoid hard water and give your home the professional water treatment it needs.

Now that you know these common home bathroom problems to watch out for, keep your bathroom in tip-top shape and call a professional when you need to!

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