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The Most Common Places To Display a Flag

The Most Common Places To Display a Flag

With many Americans having a deep love for the US flag, it should come as no surprise to see one posted outside a dwelling or place of business. Having a flag outside your location demonstrates patriotism and pride. Depending on how you display it, you may be able to fly it freely or consider compliance with the US Flag Code. This article compiles the most common places to display a flag that could serve as inspiration for you.

On a Flag Pole

Using a flagpole to showcase a banner is a traditional method that exhibits the highest form of respect. Flagpoles usually sit outside a residence or business and use durable metal to maintain a sturdy presentation for years to come. A residential flagpole can also add value to your home’s curb appeal.

Outside the Front Door

Having a flag right outside the front door is another effective presentation method, especially when a location doesn’t have much to play with in terms of other decorations. Using a flag pole set, you can put a mount on the wall, allowing the flag to move securely in the wind.

Along the Pathway Entrance

Some businesses and homes align multiple miniature flags along a pathway leading to a front entrance to create a decorative presentation. The pattern necessitates that you calculate the space between each mini banner to avoid a cluttered display. Consider adding a bunting over the front door to complement the path if you’re trying this feature at home.

On an Outside Wall

You can also prop a flag on an exterior wall to exhibit it tastefully. With this method, you must ensure that the flag sits vertically with the union positioned in the upper left-hand corner and never touches the floor.

In an Indoor Frame

Sometimes, you’ll come across a flag in an elegant frame that allows people to marvel at its beauty while in a home or a public building. This indeed maintains its pristine condition for a long time since it has protection from outside forces.

As you contemplate these common places to display the US flag, you must keep etiquette in mind. This way, you can show respect to the banner’s significance. These methods are easy to execute, so all that’s standing between you and a beautifully displayed flag is a bit of planning.

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