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Quick and Inexpensive Tips To Winterize Your Doors

Quick and Inexpensive Tips To Winterize Your Doors

The temperature drops usually start during the fall season and continue to decrease throughout the wintertime steadily. As the climate gets colder, you may naturally gravitate towards cranking up the heat inside your home. Before you make a run for the thermostat, though, consider these quick and inexpensive tips to winterize your doors. Following them will enable you to enjoy the warmth without worrying about air leaks.

Check for Potential Air Leaks Around Exterior Doors

While most exterior doors, such as mahogany doors, are energy efficient, assessing each entryway for cracks will tell you whether there are air leaks that affect your home’s temperature. A clear indicator during the day is noticing holes or other damages that allow traces of sunlight to shine through.

During the night, take a flashlight and shine it on one side of the door. Have someone on the other side keep a lookout for any beams that pass through the seal.

Use Caulk To Seal Cracks in Entryways

Using caulk as a sealant is a fantastic method to fill the most visible cracks and holes around a doorframe. Remember to allow each application to dry before adding more layers.

Apply Weather Stripping Around the Frame

To further enforce sealing, use weather stripping to withstand friction, harsh weather, and temperature changes. Vinyl and metal stripping are affordable options that hold up well with weather changes and block airflow throughout the years.

Use Draft Guards

Adding a draft guard at the bottom of the doorframe prevents warm air from leaving your home and cold air from entering. If you don’t have access to a draft guard, placing rolled-up towels at the base of the door is a temporary solution. This hack can hold you over until you locate the proper guard to place under the door.

Have a Deadbolt

Having a deadbolt on your door gives you the benefit of a strengthened seal. The locking mechanism will apply force to the seal that can ensure that heat stays within the home.

The cooler seasons are here, and it’s time to start prepping by utilizing these quick and inexpensive tips to winterize your doors. Doing so will jumpstart your routine to get your home ready for harsher temperatures.

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