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Simple Improvements To Make Before Selling Your House

Simple Improvements To Make Before Selling Your House

Getting your home ready to sell can seem like a daunting task, but getting a good return on your home doesn’t necessarily require major renovations. Here are a few simple improvements to make before selling your house to ensure you get the price you’re hoping for.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Even though you may love that room with the odd-colored wall, buyers want to see a blank canvas, not a lived-in space. Painting any uniquely colored rooms a neutral color will ensure that your home appeals to more buyers. It’s generally a good idea to stay away from current trends when selling your home because those trends may not last long. Classic options like grey, white, and beige will appeal to a broader range of buyers.

Switch Out Old Light Bulbs

Buyers like to see a home that looks modern and won’t result in massive utility bills. Swapping old light bulbs with Energy Star bulbs is a smart way to kill two birds with one stone. Old incandescent bulbs require more power and give a home a more dated look—LED or fluorescent options make your home brighter and keep your energy bill lower.

Do a Little Landscaping

Never underestimate curb appeal. When the time comes for an open house, you’ll attract more potential buyers if the outside of your home appears inviting, so get ready to do some weeding! In addition to removing weeds, consider planting a few flowers, edging your lawn, and trimming any bushes or trees.

Update Your Bathroom

If you’re willing to spend a few dollars to make your home more appealing, buyers love a good-looking bathroom. Switching to more modern countertops or updating old-fashioned tiling goes a long way toward making a bathroom appear sleeker. If you’re looking for a less expensive way to update your bathroom, just ensure that your tile grout lines are as clean as they can be!

Now that you know these simple improvements to make before selling your house, you can get the best possible price and keep buyers interested every step of the way! Remember, selling your home is about more than improvements; there are a few challenges to avoid, too. But with the right strategy, you’ll have your home off the market again in no time.

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