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Tips and Tricks for Starting an Herb Garden in Your Backyard

Tips and Tricks for Starting an Herb Garden in Your Backyard

Planting herbs and watching them bloom before your eyes is a wonderful and gratifying experience. That said, herbaceous plants can be particular about the environments in which they grow. That’s why we suggest reading these tips and tricks for starting an herb garden in your backyard.

Understand Your Plants

Before you start planting your herbs, take a little time to get to know them. Specifically, select a few plants you’re excited about growing, and learn everything you can about how they grow. Each herb is unique and has its ideal watering conditions, soil types, and even preferred positions in relation to the sun. So before you dig up any plots in your garden, ensure that you have all the best information about your chosen herbs. Doing this will help you select the best place for them in your yard and give you a clear idea of how to take care of them correctly as they mature.

Start Small

Herbs can be finicky, and some species grow more aggressively than others, so it’s wise not to get ahead of yourself. Start small with the number of plants. Two or three plants at a time is usually an excellent place to start. Doing it this way will ensure that your herbs have plenty of space to stretch out and flourish. Plus, there’s much less chance of their roots becoming entangled as your plants mature. Additionally, once your plants mature, you’ll have an ideal picture of how much space you have to incorporate more herbs.

Choose an Area With Lots of Sun

While every herb is different, one commonality is a love of sunlight, so when you select a spot to start your garden, make sure it gets plenty of sun throughout the day. Also, it’s wise to pick a spot that’s within plain sight. Because herbs can be very particular, you’ll likely need to keep a close eye on them to ensure that they’re getting everything they need to thrive.

Check the Drainage in Your Yard

Of course, your soil’s ability to drain properly is also imperative for growing healthy, flavorful herbs. Most herbaceous plants benefit from moist, nutrient-rich soils that drain water effectively, so assess whether the soil in your yard is draining optimally. Luckily, if you find that you need to improve your soil drainage, there are many different ways to do this. Don’t skip over this essential step; it’s one of the most integral in ensuring your garden’s prosperity.

Remember to refer to these tips and tricks for starting an herb garden in your backyard before you begin planting. They’ll ensure that you have all the right tools and resources to watch your little green friends prosper in your yard for years to come.

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