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Why Does Your Car Shake When Accelerating?

Why Does Your Car Shake When Accelerating?

Are you having car problems? Check out this blog to find out the answer to the question, “Why does your car shake when accelerating?”

Damaged Motor Mount

The motor mount is what its name would suggest; it’s the part of the car where the motor attaches to the rest of the chassis. When an engine revs to accelerate, it can cause the engine to vibrate. If the motor mount has damages or a connection problem, it could cause some abnormal shaking throughout the vehicle. You can replace a motor mount for anywhere between 200 and 600 dollars.

Loose Lug Nuts

Most car owners are familiar with lug nuts. They’re what holds the wheels onto the car. Sometimes, like a screw, they can be become loose and need retightening. They’ll most likely become loose right after replacing a tire if you or a mechanic didn’t screw them in tightly enough. You can quickly fix this by pulling over and getting out your torque wrench.

Unbalanced Tires

The other simple cause for a car to shake when accelerating is that the tires are out of balance. While it might be inconvenient, rebalancing your tires can cost as little as 20 dollars, and at some garages, it’s free. So count yourself lucky if you face this issue, as it’s a cheap and easy fix.

Bent Driveshaft

The different driveshaft components are responsible for transferring torque to your axle and are constantly in rotation. In rear-wheel-drive cars, a bent or damaged shaft can cause severe vibration across the vehicle. You’ll need to get this fixed because your car will immediately become inoperable once a driveshaft snaps.

Stuck Brake Caliper

A caliper is what squeezes the rotor to apply the brakes. If a caliper becomes stuck, it will constantly apply pressure to the brakes. So the car will vibrate when accelerating because it has to battle against the breaks to gain speed. This issue can feel similar to what it’s like driving with the emergency brake down. The damage from operating on a stuck brake caliper can mean that you’ll need to replace multiple parts in the braking system.

Any one of these five reasons could be the answer to why your car shakes when accelerating. So, if you notice your vehicle is excessively vibrating, take it to a trusted mechanic for an inspection.

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