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What Role Do Pneumatic Tires Play on Forklifts

What Role Do Pneumatic Tires Play on Forklifts

In most instances, you will see forklifts without pneumatic tires, which can be a real issue, as standard tires wear down and provide little support to the machine. With the introduction of pneumatic tires, you will have support, control, and overall toughness to get you through the hardest shifts with the most challenging loads. Once you see the difference, you will know what role pneumatic tires play on forklifts.

They Absorb Shock Well

What makes pneumatic tires such a great fit for a forklift is their balance and shock absorbance properties. With all the heavy lifting that forklifts do, having the added shock absorption means that the loads rattle less and hardly move while on the lift. This is extremely important as these goods are highly valuable and need to be cared for while being moved.

They Provide Thicker Treads

Because forklifts can move at higher speeds, they need to have the ability to be controlled with great accuracy. Turning on a dial is easy, but when you’re carrying a load, things can become dicey and even dangerous without the right precautions. Even at slower speeds, turning on a dial while carrying excessive weight can sometimes be a recipe for destruction. So, by having the added tread that pneumatic tires provide, forklifts can now have the most controlled turning and stopping abilities for the smoothest operation while carrying massive amounts of goods across a warehouse or parking lot.

They Create Better Resilience Overall

The impact of pneumatic tires on forklifts is something that affects the overall function of the machine. With specialty tires, the machine becomes a much stronger and more durable tool that won’t fall or tip over when carrying excessive weight. It can generate good speeds and even sharper turns. And the start to stopping speed is lightning fast, making it a high-performing and safe piece of equipment. These are just some of the roles that pneumatic tires play on forklifts.

Now that we know the difference between forklifts that do and do not use pneumatic tires, we can determine what roles pneumatic tires play on forklifts and why they are so crucial.

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