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Tips for Laying Out Your Living Room Furniture

Tips for Laying Out Your Living Room Furniture

The task of setting up your living room space tends to stir chaos for many. You need to think about so many things to ensure it feels like home and maintains functionality. Whether you’re setting up the room for the first time or rearranging what you have, consider these simple tips for laying out your living room furniture.

Conversational and Welcoming

If you host often, consider creating spaces in the living area that welcome your guests and allow them to carry out conversations effortlessly. The last thing you want is somebody shouting across the room— or worse, cricking their neck to hear.

Arrange furniture to face each other. You don’t want it directly next to or across from other pieces, but you also don’t want it too far apart. If your living room has a larger area to cover, throw in an additional conversation area to allow more intimate conversations.

Narrow Down a Focal Point

The overall flow of your space will expand off your chosen focal point. Generally, the area of focus springs naturally from the design construction of the room. Things like fireplaces and large viewing windows are all built-in focal points.

Should your living room lack a natural focal point, create your own with the entertainment center or a piece of art, depending on your preference for the space. An entertainment center as the focus applies best in an informal living room, while luxury art would best suit a formal living room.

Consider the Flow of Traffic

One of the best tips for laying out your living room furniture is to keep your traffic flow in mind. Traditionally the living room leads into several other rooms via doorways and entryways. You want these exterior spaces to be accessible while maintaining a welcoming aesthetic.

Furniture that is too close together or poorly arranged will also prohibit easy access to the room. Neither you nor your guests want to dance around an improperly set sectional to get to the bathroom. Account for the space you have and your seating needs to select the sectional best fit for you.

Creating a plan before arranging saves you a lot of time and stress when the furniture is ready to find a home. Think about the space you have, the space you’ll need, and the design layout of the living room. Be creative and think outside of the box if you need to, and keep in mind that the space you immerse yourself in will play a role in how you feel overall.

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