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How To Know It’s Time To Replace Your Metalworking Equipment

How To Know It’s Time To Replace Your Metalworking Equipment

In a machining workshop, our first instinct when a tool stops working is to find a way to repair it. This can be a good fix for newer equipment, but how do you know when it’s time for old equipment to go? Here’s how to know it’s time to replace your metalworking equipment with a few telltale signs that it’s beyond repair.

It’s Damaged

If your metalworking equipment looks damaged in any way, do not keep using it. If you continue working with damaged equipment, you could put yourself or your employees at risk of accident and injury. Inspect your equipment regularly to watch out for any visible signs of damage, such as bent or chipped parts, rust, frayed power cords, and more. When you notice any of these signs of damage, unplug the machine immediately and mark it as “Out of Order” so that employees won’t mistakenly operate it.

Constant Repairs

If your metalworking equipment is constantly showing signs that it needs servicing, this could mean it’s time to replace it. Your equipment should hold up to normal use after repairing it with a trustworthy repair service. If you notice your tools breaking down again shortly after previous repair services, it may mean that they are beyond repair at that point. It will be cheaper to replace the tool rather than pay for constant repairs.

Production Decreases

When your equipment needs constant repairs, or you must shut it down to avoid accidents, this can cause your workshop production and efficiency to drop. The fewer machines you have in your lineup, the slower your productivity will be. In the average metalworking shop, damages and equipment shutdowns happen, slowing down production for the day. However, if this is a reoccurrence for your business, it’s in your best interest to replace said equipment.

It can be difficult to tell when you should replace or repair your workshop equipment. Now that you understand how to know it’s time to replace your metalworking equipment, you can save your shop time and money in the future.

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