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Best Tips for Designing a Parking Garage

Parking garages are necessities in areas with high traffic. Creating a new parking garage takes some level of consideration to ensure safety, accessibility, and space. Here are some of the best tips for designing a parking garage that takes these considerations into account.


Naturally, not every parking lot features the same dimensions. Each parking lot or parking garage adheres to the specifics of the corresponding commercial or residential property. Therefore, it’s important to account for sizing before focusing on anything else. This may pertain to the number of parking spaces throughout the lot, slot size for type of vehicle, and accessibility. While 9 by 19 ft is the typical size for most vehicles, some, like motorcycles or accessibility vans, require smaller or larger spaces, respectively.


The look of a quality parking garage may not be at the forefront of every designer’s mind, but it’s not something to neglect, either. Parking facades determine the quality of a good parking garage. For example, metal mesh facades offer vehicle security and visual appeal without extra mechanical systems or ventilation. They offer a secure environment that limits unwanted access. Metal facades also protect against inclement weather, such as rain, snow, wind, or ice. Requiring little maintenance, they’re a sustainable, cost-effective solution for any parking lot or garage.


Another one of the best tips for designing a parking garage is keeping accessibility in mind. Those with physical limitations require specific parking spots and accessibility features. Access ramps are a prime example of this. People who use a wheelchair or crutches will also need access to the lot. Access ramps ensure people can reach elevated sidewalks or walkways without harm. Make sure to build access ramps into the perimeter of the curb. Other accessibility features to consider are braille signs for the blind. Even if they’re not driving, it’s important to offer signage to create a safe environment for everyone.


Finally, when it comes to creating a safe parking garage, security cameras and emergency phones offer some of the best safety features for patrons. These create a safer environment and ensure drivers stay protected on their walks to and from their vehicles. You can also hire private security for 24-hour visual surveillance over the parking garage. Security guards can check all inbound and outbound vehicles for suspicious behavior.

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