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Simple Steps To Determine Your Decorating Style

Simple Steps To Determine Your Decorating Style

When decorating your home uniquely and freshly, the most important thing to know is your style. Your style will help dictate the kinds of decorations you put in your space and can even affect where you put objects. As such, if you want to have a living space that you will love for years, you absolutely must be in touch with the patterns, objects, and styles that most speak to you. If you are unsure about what to do for your style still, here are some simple steps to determine your decorating style.

Gather Things That Inspire You

One of the best ways to figure out your style is to gather the things that inspire you. If you base all your decorations around the colors, patterns, and shapes of the things that inspire you, you will surely have a space that takes into account everything you love and enjoy. Having these elements near you will help you feel more at home and comfortable in any space!

Think About the Overall Feeling You Are Looking To Create

Another consideration that you must take into account is thinking about the overall feeling you are looking to create within your space. Often, you can use fun colors and decorative objects to enforce this mood throughout the room; however, in some instances, you may want a more subdued decorating climate. If you feel that this would suit your space more, invest in greenery and rugs that feature patterns you like!

Pay Attention to What You Don’t Like

When it comes to decorating in your style, don’t forget to think about the objects you dislike. After all, if you know your dislikes, you know what you shouldn’t include in your space. No matter what these things are, ensure that you stay away from these design features if you are looking to make a space that you are completely comfortable in!

Hopefully these simple steps to determine your decorating style have helped you grasp which elements you should include in (and leave out of) your décor. We guarantee that if you follow these simple design tips, you will turn your house into a home in no time!

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