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Great Projects To Start as a Beginner Blacksmith

Great Projects To Start as a Beginner Blacksmith

Beginner blacksmiths might have a hard time coming up with projects to keep them busy. They need to find beginner-level projects that will also allow them to test and hone their skills. Here is a list of some great projects to start as a beginner blacksmith that are within your skill set yet challenging enough to help you grow and hone your skills.

Simple Hooks

Creating simple hooks in S or J shapes is the perfect way to practice and hone your new blacksmithing skills. All you need are the basic blacksmithing tools and a steel rod to shape into your hook. Creating hooks in various shapes can help you practice the metal shaping and bending skills that professional blacksmiths use. Also, you can familiarize yourself with the basic hammer strikes in blacksmithing.


One of the best ways to save money on blacksmithing tools and practice your skills is to make your own tools. You can create hammers with differently shaped heads, such as a square or round head. Creating hammers is also an effective way to find a tool with the exact size, material, shape, and other qualities that you want.


Blacksmiths craft much more than just weapons and tools. You can also experiment with art and jewelry pieces as a beginner blacksmith. Blacksmiths can create anything from sturdy bracelets and necklaces to delicate rings and earrings. These more delicate pieces may be best for more experienced smiths; however, you can create art pieces as you learn the basics. For example, you can shape metal into small decorative pieces, like a heart or star.

Letter Opener

Forging a letter opener is a great bridge from basic blacksmithing procedures to learning the basics of bladesmithing. Plus, a letter opener doesn’t require the sharpness of a regular blade, so you can create one even if you don’t have a metal sharpening apparatus, like a grinder.

If you feel frustrated that you can’t find enough work within your skill range, remember these great projects to start as a beginner blacksmith. As soon as you master these crafts, you can move on to even bigger and better creations.

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