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Tips To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Tips To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

The environment is something we should all consider as we make changes to our homes. But where do we even start? The task of improving the environment can seem overwhelming, and sometimes you may not be sure if you can really make a difference. However, if we all take small steps, together we can change things.

In this article, we’ll look at some tips to make your home more eco-friendly to help get you started.

Install Solar Panels

Traditional methods of providing our homes with energy create pollution and greenhouse gases. However, we often don’t think about that, as we use energy all day long to power our houses.

Solar panels create energy for your home using the sun. Using this natural source for energy is great for the environment because it lessens the use of dangerous methods. As a bonus, solar panels will cut the costs of your energy bills.

Use an Energy-Efficient HVAC System

You have other options other than the traditional ducted HVAC system. One way to make your home eco-friendlier is to use a ductless mini-split system that mounts on the wall to heat and cool individual rooms. These convenient ductless systems are easy to install, and they require no ductwork and leave smaller carbon footprints.

Choose Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Have you ever counted how many light bulbs are burning in your house? Most of us have quite a few. And as they burn energy, they contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

However, every time you implement something in your home to bring down those emissions, you make a difference. Traditional lightbulbs use 75% more energy than the newer energy-efficient ones. Making the switch is an easy way to cut energy costs and negative effects on the environment.

Replace Your Cleaning Products

Most of us grew up with certain smells that remind us of “clean.” The reality is, those clean smells are just that—smells. A strong aroma doesn’t mean something is cleaner than it would be if you cleaned it with a low-odor, natural cleaner. Strong aromas are often just proof of chemicals.

So stock up on baking soda and vinegar. They’re both excellent cleaners, and they won’t hurt water sources or any other part of the environment when you use them. Think about it—every time you flush toilet bowl cleaner down the toilet, the water is being recycled, but there’s no guarantee those chemicals will be removed from the water. Add some essential oils to a spray bottle of vinegar if you don’t like the odor. Thankfully, the smell of vinegar dissipates quickly, and you’ll be left with clean surfaces and toilets.

We hope you’ve found our tips to make your home more eco-friendly useful and encouraging. Make one change at a time, and before you know it, you’ll be the one teaching others how to have eco-friendly homes.

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