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Tips for Picking the Right Forklift Battery

Tips for Picking the Right Forklift Battery

If you’ve been searching for a suitable battery type but have come to a fork in the road, you might need some guidance. When it comes to forklift maintenance, you need to know the functions and type of forklift you operate before purchasing a battery. So here are some tips for picking the right forklift battery.

Pick the Right Battery Liquid

Compared to lead-based batteries, lithium batteries are suitable for electric forklifts. Both batteries have their pros and cons. However, a lead-based battery needs continuous watering to function and the system requires lead plates and sulfuric acid, which create a chemical reaction.

Lithium batteries won’t require much maintenance and are energy-efficient. Unfortunately, though, they cost three times as much as lead-based acid batteries.

Figure Out the Usage

The usage in battery type varies. For instance, lead-based batteries takes upwards of eight hours to charge and eight more to cool down. That’s 14 hours for a total charge. However, compared to that, lithium-ion batteries take between one and two hours to charge since there’s no cooldown period required.

When figuring out your battery usage, factor in scenarios where you decide how often you’ll use the batteries to avoid any potential problems.

Follow the Charging Systems Directions

Manufacturers provide instructions so users can understand how to use the charging station. As you read the directions, make a mental note of only charging the forklift after an eight-hour shift or if it’s charged 30 percent or more.

However, if you don’t do this and only charge when it drops below the 30 percent marker, you significantly decrease the lifespan of the forklift’s battery. So all in all, only charge once a day. Additionally, look over the battery’s temperature to ensure the proper voltage is coming out.

Request a Warranty

When you have a forklift battery, it’s essential to request a warranty before completing your purchase. Otherwise, you’re stuck with a battery that doesn’t meet your needs. In addition, a warranty protects you whenever problems occur, so it’s wise to get one with your purchase.

Forklifts are mighty machines that require a lot of maintenance and care. Without a battery, you won’t have a machine to work with inside or outside of the warehouse. Follow our tips for picking the correct forklift battery to decide the right battery type for your forklift.

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