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Things To Know Before Becoming a Firefighter

Things To Know Before Becoming a Firefighter

Firefighters are crucial to any community’s emergency response system because they’re almost always the first responders. If you’re considering joining their ranks, you certainly have commendable courage. But there are a few things to know before becoming a firefighter. Here’s a quick rundown.

Education To Consider

While many stations don’t require more than a high school education and graduation from a fire academy, you should also consider taking courses in fire technology and potentially becoming EMT certified. The fire technology courses will not only look good on your resume, but you’ll gain a better understanding of how fire functions and how modern building construction will affect your work. The fire academy only scratches the surface of such topics, so it’s well worth taking the time to further your education.

As for EMT certification, firefighters must respond to any emergency rather than just fires. Being able to provide the services of an EMT will not only look great to the stations you apply to, but you’ll also have a broader range of opportunities in your career.

Firefighting Equipment

To brave infernos and successfully mitigate threats, firefighters must carry lots of equipment. Such firefighting equipment ranges from personal protective gear to tools like fire axes and utility knives. You’ll even use tools like doorstops to ensure you’re able to handle any challenge in your way. This is likely one of the most important things to know before becoming a firefighter because familiarity with your kit is vital for responding to changing circumstances quickly and effectively. Nothing’s worse than having to fumble for the right tool while in the middle of an emergency.

Understanding the Hiring Process

The hiring process for firefighters is a tightly kept secret. Doing your research before applying will help you get ready for the hiring process and feel confident when you walk into the station. There’s nothing wrong with coming in well prepared, especially considering that being prepared is a massive part of being a firefighter. So, if you want to excel in the hiring process, look up details on the station you’re applying to. Find out what they’ll be looking for so that you can make yourself the perfect candidate.

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