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What You Should Know Before Printing on Glossy Paper

What You Should Know Before Printing on Glossy Paper

From professional photographs to marketing materials, many printed projects get a lovely boost from glossy paper. Consider that shiny finish for pieces that you want to stand out and look luxurious. But before you send your project to print, here’s what you should know before printing on glossy paper.

Pick Your Paper

Before you choose that glossy printing finish, look at the texture and weight of your paper. Are you printing photographs that will be framed? Choose a little more heft so it’ll stay flat. For marketing materials or other items people will handle more often, go for thinner paper. It’ll be easier to fold.

Choose Your Gloss

Glossy varnish for paper comes in two main varieties:

  • High-gloss paper is the shiniest stuff on the market. It absorbs bright, true colors and renders crisp edges. You’ll get the highest resolution with a high gloss, but it may be difficult to look at in the sun!
  • Semi-gloss paper is also called a satin finish. It’s still got that knack for absorbing true colors and little details. Semi-gloss works well for photographs that you’ll frame behind glass.

Consider Your Printer

All the gloss in the world won’t make your print materials sparkle if you use the wrong paper size or type. Have you got an inkjet or laser printer? Pick a paper specifically designed for your type of printer. Laser printers need paper that will bond the ink and toner together. Meanwhile, inkjet printers require more absorbent paper so the ink won’t smudge or bleed. When you’ve got your paper ready and your computer primed to print, make sure you choose the “Glossy” option on your print preview page.

A high-gloss or semi-gloss paper can add oomph to any of your marketing materials or photographs, but only if you use it properly. These are the biggest things you should know before printing on glossy paper, so take care when you print and enjoy the sparkling end products!

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