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The Best Ivy League Juris Degree Programs

The Best Ivy League Juris Degree Programs
Many successful lawyers in this country have attended graduate programs at one of the 8 prestigious Ivy League institutions. These colleges offer exceptional law schools that prepare bright students for successful careers. If you’re applying to a graduate school in the hopes of becoming a legal professional, check out this list of the best Ivy League Juris degree programs.

Yale Law School

The acceptance rate at Yale Law School is under 7 percent, meaning a Juris degree from this college is quite impressive—especially to future employers. Yale boasts a 4.4:1 student-to-staff ratio, making class sizes more intimate.

Yale offers 30 different law specializations and over 200 courses for students to choose from. Nearly all students in the program pass the bar exam, and almost 80 percent of individuals find employment in their first year post-graduation.

Harvard Law School

The famed Harvard Law School is famous for its various depictions in mainstream media, such as the movies The Paper Chase and Legally Blonde. The notoriety of Harvard stems from its successful alum network, and lawyers from this J.D. program go on to have exciting, thriving careers.

This law school is ranked number 3 in the entire nation and features large, competitive class sizes. Along with exceptional grades—a GPA of at least 3.95 and an LSAT score of 170—applicants must provide admissions with personal statements, letters of recommendation, and résumés.

Carey Law School, University of Pennsylvania

Penn Law School is a great place to get a Juris degree, as nearly 98 percent of students find gainful employment post-graduation. Additionally, UPenn grads pull in some of the highest annual salaries in both the public and private sectors. This Philadelphia law school also has an extremely diverse student body, with larger populations of women and students of color. The application process is competitive, so ensure you have outstanding overall academic scores and consider writing a UPenn optional essay to increase your chances of admittance.

There are great law schools in every corner of the country, but there’s no denying the prestige of an Ivy League education. If you’re lucky enough to graduate from one of the best Ivy League Juris degree programs, you’ll enjoy a comfortable, exciting future career.


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