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The Weird Effects Winter Can Have on Your Car

The Weird Effects Winter Can Have on Your Car

With winter in full swing, it’s never been more essential to check in on the condition of your vehicle. It might seem a bit silly to think that cold temperatures alone could damage a well-maintained driving machine.

But the truth is, the harsher it is outside, the easier it is for your car to sustain damage. Take a moment to explore some of the strange effects winter weather can have on your vehicle and prepare for the wintry days ahead.

Sluggish LCD Screens

If you drive a newer vehicle, one of the weird effects winter can have on your car is making the LCD (liquid crystal display) screens sluggish. Specifically, when temperatures start to drop, it can make your radio and GPS displays squirrelly or unresponsive.

The liquid crystals that comprise your LCDs respond to colder temperatures like most other liquids—by slowing down. If you’re struggling with this type of issue, the only real solution is to park your vehicle in a garage.

And if that’s not an option, the best thing you can do is wait for your car to heat up fully. This will give your LCDs time to adjust before selecting your favorite playlist or attempting to use your GPS.

Dying Car Battery

Believe it or not, your car’s battery can also suffer in the cold. The lower the temperature is outside, the more difficult it will be for the battery to have an adequate charge to start your car. Jumper cables are an effective and quick fix to this issue.

However, jumpstarting isn’t always a long-lasting solution for protecting the quality of your battery. So, if you have a battery that’s a bit older or weaker, it’s wise to have it tested or possibly replaced. This way, you won’t have to worry about having jumper cables readily available.

Additionally, if you live in a region that’s prone to below-freezing temperatures, think about investing in a battery warmer for your vehicle. Purchasing one of these warmers might eliminate these types of weird effects winter can have on your car entirely. So, it’s worth considering.

Rigid Rubber Components

Protecting all your car’s features in any weather is crucial, but this is especially true during winter. Moreover, it’s wise to evaluate the condition of unlikely parts of your car, such as its rubber components, for any issues or imperfections.

Stiffening rubber can cause crucial belts in your motor to break. It can also crack your windshield wipers and result in tearing along your door jambs’ rubber gasket. As a result, these parts of your vehicle will sustain severe damage. Plus, your car doors will be frozen shut.

If you find yourself struggling with this, you can use silicone sprays and tilt your windshield wipers upward to prevent freezing or cracks. It’s also prudent to have a winter vehicle inspection performed so that you can catch any detrimental issues before it’s too late.

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