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Benefits of Conducting a Pre-Trip Inspection for Your Semi

Benefits of Conducting a Pre-Trip Inspection for Your Semi

Before you drive your semitruck to your next destination, you must perform a pre-trip inspection. A pre-trip inspection is a routine examination of your vehicle and its main components. This inspection not only increases your safety, but it is also a requirement of the Department of Transportation. Discover some of the benefits of conducting a pre-trip inspection for your semi.

Prevent Accidents

Driving with a malfunctioning engine or damaged tire can be dangerous and can cause serious accidents. Malfunctioning vehicles are difficult to control and can put drivers at risk. It’s best to inspect the vehicle before leaving to stay safe as a truck driver. These checks will help prevent accidents and other major issues.

Increase Safety

As mentioned in the previous point, another benefit of conducting a pre-trip inspection for your semi is increased safety. When you carry out a pre-trip inspection, you can catch any issues before heading out to the road. Controlling a malfunctioning vehicle can be difficult and dangerous, especially on highways or areas with high traffic volumes. To ensure that you and surrounding drivers remain safe, perform pre-trip inspections.

Decrease Downtime

If your semi’s lights or engine parts malfunction when you’re on the road, you’ll need to pull over and fix the issue as soon as possible. However, if you conduct a pre-trip inspection, you can find and fix these problems before you drive. For example, you may do your pre-trip inspection and notice that you need to replace a specific part in your CAT engine. From there, you can find some information about CAT engine kits and components, obtain the best part for your vehicle, and fix your engine quickly. This will allow you to decrease downtime and ensure safe driving.

Avoid Fines and Audits

Since the Department of Transportation requires pre-trip inspections for semitrucks, you’ll need to perform these inspections to avoid fines and audits. Before each haul, you should take some time to conduct this pre-trip inspection. These pre-trip inspections can take around 30 to 50 minutes, but they are well worth your time and effort.

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