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The Best Activities for a Father and Son

The Best Activities for a Father and Son

Fatherhood can be the most wonderful and rewarding experience of your life. Getting to know and empathize with your son will make you a better man. But it can take effort to build those bonds, especially with young children who have a limited vocabulary. To help bring you closer to your boy, try the best activities for a father and son.


Fishing is a wonderful way for a father and son to bond. The activity teaches children how to follow instructions, be patient, and enjoy the simple pleasures of nature—all attributes that any father should be happy to pass on to their boy. Make sure to bring the camera so that you can photograph your son’s first catch.

Playing Catch

Catch has long been one of the best activities for a father and son. Something about playing catch opens both parties up to more honest conversations. The repetitive motion of the activity allows us to pay less attention to the outside world. During catch, we tend to speak more truthfully about what it is like growing up and what it is like to be an adult.


Golf is not for young kids. Most cannot handle the amount of concentration the game requires. But once your kid is a little older, perhaps around 8 or 10, hitting golf balls can be an excellent activity to do together. Most golfers do not realize how much information about the game they have picked up over the years. You can impress your son with your knowledge of the golf swing sequence. More importantly, golf is a wonderful way to teach your son about the importance of perseverance and practice.

Road Trip

Spending hours in a car with your son is an obvious time to talk about all sorts of topics. Whether it be a quick trip to a sporting event or a multi-day odyssey, car trips allow the two of you the breathing room to really get to know each other. It is only recommended that you make sure he keeps his video game devices at home. Otherwise, the two of you will never speak a word.

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