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Best Careers if You like To Work With Your Hands

Best Careers if You like To Work With Your Hands

If you like to fix things, create things, or help take care of people or pets, you’ve got many options for a fulfilling, well-paying career. Many of these kinds of jobs give you the satisfaction of seeing the tangible, physical results of your labor on a daily basis, unlike some kinds of careers where completing a project can take months or even years. Take a look at this list of the best careers if you like to work with your hands.

Landscape Technician

Landscape technicians prune shrubs, spread fertilizer for trees, mow lawns, and install plants and flowers to make a landscape architect’s vision come true. Working outdoors, they help create beautiful, pleasing spaces that lift spirits and contribute to a healthier environment for everyone.


If you’re a creative foodie, working in a professional kitchen might be just the job for you. While restaurants have had a tough time during pandemic lockdowns, many adapted to providing outstanding food with curbside pickup. An expensive culinary school may not be necessary, as many chefs work their way up through the ranks, learning by doing and observing. One day, you could even end up owning your own restaurant.

Auto Mechanic

Gearheads who like to maintain, augment, and repair cars and trucks can turn that passion into a career or a business. Earn qualifications at a community college or trade school, and you could turn oil changes into serious change in your pocket. Adding industry-specific certifications and expanding your knowledge of the increasingly computerized systems in cars can help boost your wages, too.


Manufacturers and pipelines need welders. Using a variety of specialized tools, welders join pipes and other metal components together to build or maintain a wide variety of metal structures, from ships to steel-framed buildings to large public sculptures.

Massage Therapist

Perhaps you’ve been told by a loved one who asked for a shoulder rub that you have “magic hands.” Massage therapists apply pressure to muscles and other soft tissues in the body, for pain and stress relief, recovery from injuries, and to improve circulation, which contributes to overall well-being. You’ll have to earn a post-high school degree with several hundred hours of experience and pass licensure requirements in your state.

These are just a few of the best careers if you like to work with your hands. Online job listing sites can help you find other hands-on jobs that could lead to you being your own boss, working outside an office, and being able to point to how much you accomplished at work each and every day.

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