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The Different Types of Hanging Brackets To Choose From

The Different Types of Hanging Brackets To Choose From

When you visit the hardware store for a hanging hook or bracket, you’ll notice that there are many options to choose from. Each type of wall bracket will give your hanging piece a distinctive look, whether you want the brackets to be more noticeable or not seen at all. Keep reading to discover the different types of hanging brackets to choose from for your wall hanging project.

Floating Shelf Brackets

Floating shelf brackets are perfect for projects where you don’t want the bracket to be visible at all. Floating shelves are a modern option for any home or office where you want the emphasis on the décor, not the hanging mechanism. You can accomplish this by attaching these brackets directly to the wall stud to support the entire weight of the shelf.

Wall Anchors

Wall anchors are a great option for heavier shelves, pictures, and more. You’ll need to drill the wall anchor into the wall, then fit your screws into place for a reinforced hold. Wall anchors work well on a variety of walls including plaster and drywall. Wall anchors can also help achieve the floating shelf appearance if this is your goal.

Side Mount Brackets

Side mount brackets are one of the sturdiest options of all. If you have a heavy hanging project on your hands, even up to 470 pounds, side mounting brackets are the best option. These brackets work similarly to floating shelf brackets as you drill them directly into your wall studs. One of the advantages of using side mount shelving brackets is their unique angle, which makes them easier to use in any room, no matter the size or position of your wall studs.

Hook Brackets

Hook brackets are ideal for hanging lighter shelves and other projects. These brackets may be more accessible to homeowners who aren’t undergoing renovations because they don’t require attachment at the wall stud level. Unlike floating shelves, these brackets are still visible where you attach them to the wall, so they are ideal in more industrial or farmhouse home designs.

These are some of the many different types of hanging brackets to choose from for your project. Make sure to account for the weight of what you want to hang, as some of these methods are sturdier than others. Next time you head to the hardware store, you’ll know exactly what you need.

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