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Best Tips for Maintaining Your Lab Equipment

Best Tips for Maintaining Your Lab Equipment

Keeping your lab equipment safe and undamaged is important in any laboratory. This involves thorough equipment inspections and maintenance. Find out some of these best tips for maintaining your lab equipment to keep your lab running smoothly and safely.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning laboratory equipment is a delicate yet crucial process, so it’s important for any laboratory technician to know the general guidelines. Cleaning guidelines will vary from lab to lab, but in most cases, all lab equipment should be wiped clean and sanitized every day. All equipment usually gets deep cleaned every week. One of the benefits of having a laboratory cleaning system is that many of these processes are automated. If your lab uses a lot of delicate glassware and other instruments, you need an ultrasonic cleaner.

Regular Calibration

Calibration is important for any laboratory equipment, whether they’re digital to manual tools. Calibration acts like a reset button for your equipment to bring all its measurements back to their most accurate readings. You may be able to handle some digital and manual recalibrations in your own lab, but most of the time you’ll need to send your equipment off to the manufacturer or a calibration specialist. Recalibrating your equipment ensures you’re getting the most accurate readings and that they maintain their quality for years to come.

Schedule Repairs

As soon as you notice any issues or damages with a piece of equipment, schedule it for repairs. Putting off repairs to your lab equipment can lead to further damage to said equipment or even accidents and injury to your technicians. Performing regular equipment inspections as often as once a day can help you identify any equipment damage before it worsens or goes unnoticed by other employees.

These are some of the best tips for maintaining your lab equipment. You can easily add these methods into your daily laboratory routine to improve the quality of your experiments and ensure your materials stay undamaged for years to come.

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