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Key Locations for Adding Community Garbage Cans

Key Locations for Adding Community Garbage Cans

If you notice a growing littering problem in your community, it could be due to a lack of accessible garbage and recycling bins. Don’t let this issue spread to uncontrollable levels and identify the biggest problem areas. These are likely points where you need to add more garbage disposal access. Keep reading to learn the key locations for adding community garbage cans, as these are great places to start.

Transition Points

According to Keep America Beautiful, transition points are a common area where littering occurs. Transition areas are usually high-traffic areas like entrances and exits to an arena, business, park, and other community locations. Often, when entering or exiting these areas, people have the urge to dispose of litter. Without adequate garbage cans, your locals won’t have anywhere to dispose of these items correctly. Spots like these are a great place to start when it comes to installing added garbage receptacles.

Seating Areas

Seating and recreational areas are also prime targets for litterbugs in your community. For example, if a family packs lunch to eat at a park picnic table or rest stop, but there’s nowhere to dispose of their trash, only a few patrons would hold onto their trash to dispose of later. Place garbage cans near benches, picnic tables, and covered areas to keep these places clean and inviting for other community members.

Near Businesses & Concessions

Finally, any business, concession stand, or restaurant that sells food and snacks is a hotspot for littering. Always try to place at least one garbage can outside these locations, as customers will usually leave with some sort of disposable items, like plastic wrappers. Having a garbage can within 20 to 30 feet of the building is ideal to catch customers’ attention before they leave the premises.

These are some of the key locations for adding community garbage cans. Adding additional trash receptacles is one of the best ways to cut down on littering and promote a cleaner environment and community. When purchasing municipal or city garbage cans, make sure to consider these locations, as well as how many garbage cans you will need.

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