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Occupations Every Woodworker Can Apply For

Occupations Every Woodworker Can Apply For

Woodworkers create, repair, and install furniture frameworks. They take on jobs that require a lot of labor and expertise in working with wood and creating new pieces. It’s a great way to work with different tools and various clients.

They create furniture pieces and install window frames, doors and door frames, and interior and exterior trim. So what jobs can a woodworker have? Luckily, here are a few occupations every woodworker can apply for as an established career.


One of the occupations every woodworker can apply for is a carpenter. Carpenters provide numerous services and have the expertise in supplying what the client wants. It can be as simple as installing foundations, walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs.

The requirements to become carpenters are pretty simple; you only need to obtain a high school diploma and take on a carpenter apprenticeship. You can also develop marketing skills and take additional schooling to have more skills under your belt. That way, you’ll know essential woodworking safety tips to stay professional and reliable.

Furniture Finishers

If creating furniture is fun for you, becoming a furniture finisher is the perfect occupation. Finishers work with grinders, steel wool, pumice, sanders, chisels, and sandpaper to bring back a piece’s quality. They revitalize and restore damaged, used, or worn furniture.

Furniture finishers evaluate furniture and then decide the optimal method for restoration with the appropriate equipment. You can become one if you have a formal education, such as an associate degree, a certification in woodworking, or a bachelor’s degree in cabinet making.

Sawing Machine Operators

Maybe the technical side of woodwork is more up your alley. So consider learning more about sawing machine setting, operating, and tending. The job is straightforward; you set up, operate, and tend wood sawing machines to ensure they work at the absolute best.

The job consists of inspecting and measuring workpieces to mark for cuts and verify the accuracy, adjusting saw blades, using wrenches and rulers, and pressing pedals, levers, or panel buttons. Finding the training and apprenticeship necessary to become a saw machine operator isn’t tricky either.

Woodwork is a strenuous but rewarding job as you mature into your craft. Who knows, maybe you’ll finally create that furniture piece you’ve dreamed about.

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