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Steps for Building Your First Community Park

Steps for Building Your First Community Park

Many park officials are eager to help build new parks for their communities. If you are starting the process of developing a future park in your town, check out these steps for building your first community park.

Learning the Fundamentals of Park Building

The first step for building your public playground starts with understanding the basics of park building. You might start by researching different landscaping features of read up on basic terminology for playground equipment.

After brushing up on the fundamentals, the second thing you’ll need to focus on is budgeting.

When planning a new construct for your town, you need to factor in costs based on the lot size, types of equipment you need, and how much help to hire.

Choosing the Location

As a park administrator, playing location scout is hard. You want the most scenic view and something big enough to accommodate different crowd sizes. Additionally, you want room for activities and events.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Park accessibility
  • How people will use your park
  • How to enforce safety in the park

Learn the Community Market

Planning a community park can be challenging depending on your area if you don’t know the demographics.

For example, if the area’s main population is young families, you want to design the park around the average age group of children that live in the area.

Additionally, creating a playground with generational age equipment for older adults can bring all community members together.

Involve All Community Members

The next step for building your first community park is identifying the best help from the community. Every part of the playground construction has roles that need fulfilling by trustworthy and communicative individuals.

While you plan your park, consider hiring residents with families or those from the local school district. Try and divide all activities by age groups.

For instance, elementary school students can help plant gardens, paint walls, and paint small pieces of equipment. Other older children can help clean the surrounding area and renovate interior spaces.

Budget in Architecture and Landscaping

The next step is figuring out your architecture and landscaping. Now that you’ve hired everyone and found the best spot, it’s time to select the best playground equipment.

When considering the best community playground architecture, consider installing gazebos to help add shade on hot days and give families an excuse to have a picnic in the park.

Offer Different Activities for Everyone

Everyone plays differently, and everyone deserves to have fun at the park, no matter their age. For the best experience, consider adding different elements to bring in more revenue and get others outside.

Here’s what to incorporate into your park’s design:

  • Fitness equipment
  • Community pool
  • Benches
  • Inclusive play equipment

When planning your park, don’t forget to add your touch to make the playground unique. Every park creation starts with community-minded individuals who look to improve their town’s appearance.

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