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The Difference Between Cannabis Distillates and Concentrates

The Difference Between Cannabis Distillates and Concentrates

If you’re interested in taking cannabis extracts, many options are available. However, if you’re new to the cannabis world, the sheer number of those options may overwhelm you. But there’s a way to narrow things down. A product will use either distillate or concentrate; you’ll soon find which type of extract you prefer.

From there, finding the most suitable cannabis products for you every time will become easier. So if you’re curious about the difference between cannabis distillates and concentrates, you’re in the right place. Stay tuned to learn all about the critical differences between the two.

Cannabis Distillates

First, we’ll take a look at distillate extracts. These are cannabis extracts that remove plant material and undesired compounds. All that’s left is an ultra-pure form of one specific cannabinoid. The refining process means that distillate doesn’t contain any of the terpenes from the natural plant. A distillate extract also contains no flavor or aroma. This is desirable because it grants manufacturers complete control over their flavor profile.

Therefore, distillates are for you if you aren’t a fan of the strong cannabis flavor. Distillate extract is also highly potent, and it’s the purest form of any desired cannabinoid, which is a plus. In other words, distillates contain no organic matter—only pure cannabinoid extract.

Cannabis Concentrate

Concentrates are the other side of the distillate coin. Rather than refining the extract to not include terpenes or plant material, concentrates leave it in. That means the final product will contain organic matter and terpenes. As a result, the flavor profile will have that signature cannabis taste.

Terpenes are desirable for their medical benefits as well. THC and CBD aren’t the only compounds in cannabis that provide pleasing effects. If you’re a fan of terpenes and the cannabis flavor profile, you’ll love concentrate. The drawback is that concentrates are slightly less potent than distillate extracts. That’s because concentrates are less refined and still contain plant matter.

So which is better? It all comes down to personal preference. If you love pure cannabis without any harsh flavors, you’ll love distillates. Concentration is the way to go if you prefer to get the benefits of terpenes and don’t mind the cannabis taste.

Closing Thoughts

By now, you should know the difference between cannabis distillates and concentrates. Distillate refinement comes down to the point of total purity, and distillates are stronger but don’t have any flavor or aroma. Concentrates contain terpenes, but they’re less potent. Yet the terpenes provide additional therapeutic benefits.

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