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Top Ways DUI Charges Can Destroy Your Life

Top Ways DUI Charges Can Destroy Your Life

If you face a drunk driving conviction, you may receive various statutory and informal penalties. You must know of all the potential ramifications of a DUI conviction. Here are the top ways that a DUI charge can destroy your life.

You May Have Your Driver’s License Suspended

First and foremost, a DUI conviction will almost certainly result in the temporary loss of your driving rights. A DUI conviction is sufficient to trigger an administrative suspension in most states. A lawyer can assist you in stopping the procedure or obtaining a temporary hardship license. However, a DUI conviction can cause you to lose your driver’s license for an extended period.

Costs and Fees Will Damage Your Finances

A DUI conviction will set you back a significant amount of money. There are impound fines, towing fees, and additional charges related to the arrest. Then there are the fines that come with a DUI conviction. While the amount of the fine depends on several criteria, fines in most states can easily exceed four figures. Finally, a DUI conviction will cause a significant increase in your vehicle insurance premiums.

You Will Spend a Significant Amount of Time Addressing Your DUI

Dealing with a DUI arrest can be time-consuming. If convicted of the crime, you may have to complete community service or take a drunk driving education course. Also, you have to deal with the arrest, locate a qualified DUI defense lawyer, and participate in the administrative and criminal processes.

It Many Temporarily Affect Your Freedom

A conviction for drunk driving may result in jail. The amount of time you spend in jail (or prison, in the case of more serious DUI charges) depends on several criteria, including your prior history of DUI offenses or lack thereof. DUI convictions may not result in jail time in some situations, but they may result in SCRAM bracelets or driving limitations.

Hopefully, this article on the top ways DUI charges can destroy your life was helpful. Remember that DUIs can have other unconsidered consequences, including college admission. As such, always ensure you have a way to safely get home when going out to drink!

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