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What To Look For When Renovating a Water-Damaged House

What To Look For When Renovating a Water-Damaged House

After the snow melts and rivers rise, it’s not too uncommon for homes near the river’s edge to experience flooding. Knowing what signs and problems to look for as you dive into the project is key to getting it done safely and correctly. Here’s what to look for when renovating a water-damaged house to protect both yourself and the home’s future residents.

Check the Home’s Structural Integrity

Once everything is dry, start checking the home’s structural integrity to gain a better idea of what renovations you’ll need to make. Flooding and water damage can lead to wood rot in essential building supports, especially in older homes.

It’s also crucial to look for cracks in the home’s foundation or signs of trouble in its basement. While not every instance of water damage leads to this kind of damage, identifying significant safety hazards early on allows you to renovate safely.

Look for Signs of Mold Growth

Mold is one of the most prominent issues to look for when renovating a water-damaged house. More often than not, homeowners smell mold’s iconic, musty scent before seeing the fungal growth. You might also notice that your eyes, throat, and skin itch in a moldy home.

Once you notice these signs or see the mold itself, it’s time to act. It’s important to handle mold you find during renovations correctly. Simply covering the mold or ignoring it can create safety hazards for the home’s future inhabitants.

Watch Out for Warping Floorboards

While damaged floors are likely already part of your renovation plans, it’s important to keep an eye on your home’s floorboards and watch for changes. Hardwood floorboards can warp after a flooding event occurs.

Unfortunately, wood absorbs water within a matter of hours. Some damage is immediately evident, but changes in the wood’s appearance over time can signify that the wood in an area is still holding moisture and needs replacement as well.

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