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Man’s Best Friend: Fun Ways to Spoil Your Dog

Man’s Best Friend: Fun Ways to Spoil Your Dog

Dogs are always there for us. They’re the first faces they see when we walk through the door and a comfort when we feel alone. In other words, they’re “man’s best friend.”

But friendship is a two-way street. And if our dogs show us love, it only makes sense to show them a little love ourselves. If you’re looking to treat your pup, we have a plethora of fun ways to spoil your dog.

Go on an Outdoor Adventure

Anyone who has ever said the word “walk” around their pet knows that dogs love exploring the great outdoors. But why confine Fido to a quick stroll around the block? Try to mix things up by taking your dog somewhere new, such as:

•A dog park
•A different neighborhood
•A local forest preserve
•A camping trip

Once the weather warms up, you can even consider taking your pooch for a swim to cool down. Just be sure to stick to safe, shallow bodies of water with no currents.

Build Them a Doghouse

But as much as they love the great outdoors, the elements can become too much, even for dogs. If you want a way to spoil your dog and provide them with a little outdoor protection, a doghouse is a perfect way to do it.

Most stores sell ready-made houses. Otherwise, it’s relatively simple to build your own doghouse. Whichever you choose, keep the size of your dog in mind when you craft the perfect shelter for them.

Let Them Pick Out a New Toy

If your dog has been very good lately, then they deserve a new toy. As an extra treat, take them on a little car ride to the store with you. Let them loose in the toy aisle and pay attention to what they gravitate to the most. That way, you’ll be sure you’ve picked out a toy that your dog actually likes.

Surprise Them With a Special Treat

Any dog owner will tell you that our canine companions get excited by the prospect of any snack. Why not go the extra mile and make them a little homemade treat that’s all their own? Here are a few ideas for easy homemade treats your furry friends will love:

•Cut up fresh fruit like bananas, blueberries, or cantaloupe and pop it in the freezer
•Make peanut butter cookies using wheat flour and no sugar
•Chop up and cook some sweet potatoes
•Make some treats with puree baby food

Not only will your dog adore the taste of these treats, but you will rest easy knowing the treats have no harmful additives.

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