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Ways To Improve Your Nightly Sleep Routine

Ways To Improve Your Nightly Sleep Routine

Everyone has sleepless nights where they struggle to go to bed sometimes. Those restless nights can lead to low energy and high-stress days later on. Want to fight sleepless nights? Then you need to check out these ways to improve your nightly sleep routine.

Put Away the Phone

Screens are notorious for throwing your sleep schedule off-kilter. The blue light and stimulation of scrolling through social media can over-stimulate your brain, signaling it to stay awake. That’s why it’s best to turn your phone on silent and put it away at least an hour before you plan on sleeping.

Leave Your Worries for Tomorrow

Stress is another big cause of delayed sleep. If you worry about what will come the next day, you’ll never get the rest you need to tackle what is to come.

If you’re worried about a tangible task, try to resolve it before bed. Otherwise, give yourself the grace to accept that you can’t get it all done in a day. For the bigger worries, consider journaling about your feelings or talking to a loved one about them. That will help put your worries to bed for the night so you can sleep.

Set Up a Comfortable Environment

The best way to sleep well and on time is to ensure you set up your sleeping area for rest. A few ways to create an ideal sleep environment include:

  • Choose natural, breathable materials for your sheets
  • Keep your room free of clutter
  • Avoid keeping too many electronics in your room
  • Consider adding dimmer lights to your room
  • Put up blackout curtains

Moderate Your Meals

Going to bed overly hungry or sufferably full can lead to an upset stomach and a restless sleep. Make sure you have a balanced meal a couple of hours before starting your sleep routine so that you don’t upset your dreams or stomach. And if you get hungry just before bed, try to keep your meals light and healthy.

A good night’s sleep starts before you get into bed. By using these ways to improve your nightly sleep routine, you’re taking the first step toward a full and restful night’s sleep. Sweet dreams!

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